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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Lobe pump for chocolate & Leaven & molasses

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The LP type Rotary Lobe pump is a miniature displacement cam rotor pump for wide range of applications for high viscosity and low viscosity material handling. The design features of the pump are small size, low noise, wide speed range, simple maintenance and economy, all-stainless steel design includes gear box and the interior is highly clean, because all-stainless steel appearance is close to no dead angle and can be washed.

Technical specifications
Max flow: 90m³/h
Max pressure: 10 bar
Speed range: 50-950 R.P.M
Working temperature (Max Temperature): -40 ° C to 150 ° C
Surface treatment: Ra≤0.6μm; EP=Ra0.4μm
Material: 100% stainless steel, medium contact part 316L
LP series sanitary rotor pump has various conveying modes and driving forms. It can be changed according to customer requirements and can be divided into, for example, fixed speed, stepless speed regulation, variable frequency speed regulation, servo drive type and explosion proof type. According to the requirements of customer transportation methods and hygiene requirements, the categories are divided into horizontal conveyor type, vertical conveyor type, mobile type and sanitary type

The unique design structure ensures product performance and durability. 
1 ,seal diversity choice, you can choose Teflon seal, or single and double mechanical seal. 
2 ,rotor and pump body are made of 304/316L food grade material. 
3 ,unique and rotor Mounted Design, Precise Positioning, the Easy to Overhaul. 
4, Stainless Steel Double Bolts are Fixed, More stable and the Easy to Assemble and disassemble. 
5, Heavy Duty the Tapered Ball bearings 
6, Synchronous Gears CAN BE the Selected from Straight teeth and helical Gears. at The Gears have high hardness, smoother torque rotation and low noise operation. 
7 ,can provide multi-directional installation..
Application field:
Household Chemicals: the SOAP, the SOAP, Toothpaste, Glycerin 
Fine Cleaning Chemicals: Fuels, Pigments, Additives, Adhesives 
Chemical Fiber: Polyester Fiber, Rayon, Polypropylene Fiber. 
Papermaking: Starch Paste, slurry, DEFOAMER. 
Coatings: Paints, Inks, Resins. 
Food : chocolate, syrup, cream, mayonnaise, jam. 
Cosmetics: creams and lotions, hair gels, essential oils. 
Pharmaceutical: pills, syrup, extracts, emulsions, pharmaceutical pastes

Performance overview:

LP-6 0.06 25mm 10 960 19 108
LP-9 0.09 32mm 10 960 19 108
LP-18 0.18 40mm 10 960 21 166
LP-36 0.36 50mm 10 720 28 244
LP-60 0.60 65mm 10 720 38 444
LP-135 1.35 80mm 10 600 48 832
LP-250 2.5 100mm 10 600 60 1665
LP-535 5.35 150mm 10 400 75 2800
LP-700 7.00 150mm 10 400 75 3600

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