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new products
  • Bitumen transfer pump Jacketed

    NYP series Bitumen transfer pump is similar to US viking pump,able to transfer high viscosity resin, ASPHALT CEMENT, Asphalt, polyurethane, ASPHALT EMULSIONS, poly-aether, polyethylene or some-thing similar,double jacket type, pump can get heated by...

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latest news

Kcb-300 gear pump exported to G

KCB gear pump is suitable for conveying various oils,such as heavy oil,diesel oil,lubricating oil,and copper gears.It can transport internal low liquid, such as gasoline and benzene.The unit also produces stainless steel gear pump.Conveying ...

Multi stage Centrifugal Pump

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  • 960m Head Multistage Centrifugal Pump
    China DG45–80x12 Multistage Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer and Supplier,head 960 m,Rated flow 45 m3/h,Multistage Centrifugal Pump Factory in china.saiken pumps manufactures high quality multistage centrifugal pump....
  • Multi-stage Boiler Feed Water Pump
    China DG Multi-stage Boiler Feed Water Pump Manufacturer and Supplier,Boiler Feed Water Pump Factory in china.saiken pumps manufactures high quality multistage centrifugal pump,Buy Multi-stage Boiler Feed Water Pump contact us!...
  • CDL/CDLF Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump
    CDL type is applicable to conveying non-corrosive liquid while CDLF is uitable for slightly corrosive liquid. Transfer Liquid temperature: Normal temperature type: -15C~+70C Hot water type: -15C~+120C •Ambient temperature: up to +4...
  • Self-Balancing Multistage Pump for Mining
    MD(P) self-balancing multistage centrifugal pump for mining is mainly used for mining flow components and damaged parts are made of a wear-resistant material for conveying solid particles content is not more than15% temperature below 80 degrees cen...
  • D Type MultiStage Centrifugal Pump
    Multistage centrifugal pump/D high pressure pumps used to deliver clear water without solid particles or liquid similar to clear water physically and chemically with the temperature range from 0°C~80°C(32°F~176°F)...
  • DG Type Multistage Centrifugal Pump
    DG Type Multistage Centrifugal Pump is suitable for transporting pure water and chemical natures similar to those of pure water,and is also applicable for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water....
  • MD Mining Horizontal MultiStage Pump
    MD type wearable centrifugal mine water pump is used to transport the clear water and the neutral liquid of pit water with solid grain 1.5%. Granularity < 0.5mm. The temperature of the liquid is not over 80 C. MD Mining Horizontal MultiStage...
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