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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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GC-25 Gear Oil Pump with belt pulley

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    China Saiken manufacturer
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    Tianjin China
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GC-25 (1") Gear Oil Pump with belt pulley made of Cast Iron
GC Series Gear Pump Suitable for Water, Oil & Various Liquids Applications,Application Kerosene,Light oil,Machine oil,Heavy oil,Water.
The main models are GC-13,GC-20,GC-25,GC-40,GC-50,GC-80.
Can be used for a variety of industrial and agricultural jobs including pumping A-crude, B-crude, oil, urine fluids and fertilizer, water drainage, laver collection, moving boiling oil, millet jelly, etc.


      Model          Capacity
      GC-13 16 500 0.4 0.55
      GC-20 39 500 0.4 0.75
      GC-25 56 500 0.4 1.1
      GC-32 66 500 0.4 1.5
      GC-40 100 500 0.4 2.2
      GC-50 120 500 0.4 3
      GC-65 340 500 0.4 5.5
      GC-80 360 500 0.4 7.5

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