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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer

Sumitomo QT42 QT52 QT62 Internal Gear Pump

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    QT42 QT52 QT62
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    china saiken pumps
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    Tianjin China
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Sumitomo QT Internal Gear Pump Specifications: 
Sumitomo QT hydraulic pressure Gear Pump is widely used in injection molding machines, forging machinery and elevators and other mechanical equipment.
QT hydraulic pressure Gear Pump Features:
1. low noise performance
 The QT series internal gears are smooth and mute, and their excellent features are specially designed for gears. The sound is very low when used, and the sound is still smooth even at high speeds.
2, high running wear resistance
In addition to the simple mechanical structure, the use of advanced hydraulic oil can reduce the mechanical surface and the wear and tear of the functional parts. QT chestnut can run at high pressure 320bar pressure, even if the use of general hydraulic oil, it is not easy to wear pieces.
3, very low pressure pulsation
QT pump can almost completely remove the pressure wave, it can be used as the system precision control of the ideal machine tool pressure
High pressure internal gear pump QT model instructions :

QT 4 3 -25 F -* -A
Seris size Pressure type Theory flow cc/rev rotation and oil port optional Design no
Internal gear pump 2,3,4,5,6 3:high pressure pump 4,5,6.3,8,10,12.5,16,20,25
no:clockwise F(right)
L:anticlockwise E(left)
H:high pressure seals
V: Phosphate ester by using
*:other speacial

Note:H:with high pressure seals(oil in pressure less than 2kgf/cm2)
QT High pressure hydraulic gear pump specification:

Model Work pressure
Power N KW flow/min when no loads
60HZ 50HZ
Rate PR Max MP Rate pressure and 1500rpm’s
6P motor 4P motor 6P motor 4P motor
1200rpm 1800rpm 1000rpm 1500rpm
Q23-4 250 320 3.0 - 7.5 - 6.4
QT23-5 3.5 6.5 9.8 5.4 8.2
QT23-6.3 4.3 7.9 11.9 6.5 9.9
QT23-8 5.4 9.8 14.8 8.2 12.3
QT33-10 6.8 11.9 17.9 9.9 14.9
QT33-12.5 8.6 15.0 22.6 12.5 18.8
QT33-16 10.6 18.6 28.0 15.5 23.3
QT43-20 13.7 24.1 36.3 20.0 30.2
QT43-25 16.8 29.9 45.0 24.8 37.4
QT43-31.5 21.6 38.5 57.9 32.0 48.2
QT53-40 26.1 45.7 70.3 38.9 58.5
QT53-50 33.5 60.3 90.6 50.2 75.5
QT53-63 41.9 75.9 114.0 63.2 95.0
QT63-80 52.7 95.6 143.7 79.6 119.7
QT63-100 66.1 120.3 181.2 100.4 150.9
QT63-125 81.3 149.0 223.8 124.1 186.4

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