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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Internal gear pump for pumping of bitumen & asphalt

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    bitumen Internal gear pump
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Internal gear pump for pumping of bitumen & asphalt

Bitumen pump applications tend to fall into four categories: Production (refining), distribution (terminals), hot mix (paving mixtures), and roofing (filled asphalts). Refineries and terminals often use steel pumps, while hot mix asphalt plants use mainly cast iron pumps with heating jacketed, and either packing or mechanical seals. Roofing plants are generally pumping highly abrasive, filled asphalts for shingle manufacturing. These require special hardened parts, slower operating speeds and other means of minimizing wear.

Internal gear pump are self-priming, Built-in safety valve, positive displacement pumps. With the characteristics of low rotation speed and high output torque, pump shows his talents to transfer high viscosity liquid products. For example: resin and so on,Its unique working principle works with a strong drive system, ensure that the pump can output a strong driving torque at low speed, can guarantee continuous, non-stagnant transferring, and ensure that the transferred material not damage, viscosity can be as high as 300000CP.
Features & Advantages:
● Smooth & steady discharge without pulsation, little vibration and low noise.
●  Outstanding self-priming capability.
●  Identical rotation direction of the internal and outer rotors reduces friction and thus
increases operation life.
●  Flow rates are in linear relation with rotation speed. As a result flow rates are easily
adjustable by speed regulations.
●  Heating & cooling jacket may be equipped depending upon media requirements.
●  Working temperature up to 200°C when suitable materials are selected.
●  Ideal for high Viscosity applications.
Data Ranges:
●  Media Temp.: -10 ~ 250℃
●  Viscosity : 1.0 ~ 300,000 cst
●  Pressure: 0.4Mpa, 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa
●  Displacement: 0.78 ~ 1670 L/100rev
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