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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Polypropylene Acidproof Alkali Magnetically Driven Pump

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    polypropylene Magnetic Drive Pump
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    Tianjin China
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PP pvdf sus magnetic water pump Magnetically drive pump For Chemical Acid Alkali Liquid Delivery
Product Characterist:
• use magnetic drive, no shaft seal design, pump body fully sealed.
• use FRPP and PVDF material injection molding, suitable for most chemical acid base liquid delivery.
• impeller and magnet integrated injection molding, in high-speed operation and high temperature is not easy to damage.
• this series of pumps because of its innovative design of resistance to idling, the magnetic pump running without water for a long time without damage, improve product durability. Pump bearings are made of silicon carbide, ceramic and titanium materials, which can meet the needs of different workplaces.

Pump specification:

   Model    Size
   Total Flow
   Total Head
SX-250 25/25 50 14/13.5 120/120 15/15 0.5 13.5
SX-251 25/25 80 19/19 160/160 21/20.5 0.75 18.5
SX-440 40/40 100 10.5/10 260/260 12/11 0.5 13.5
SX-441 40/40 150 14.5/14.5 320/320 17.5/16.5 0.75 18.5
SX-452 50/40 200 20/19.5 450/450 24/21 1.5 30.5
SX-452H 50/40 100 30/30 160/160 30.5/29 1.5 30.5
SX-453 50/40 250 23/25 530/530 29/30 2.2 33
SX-453H 50/40 100 35/36 360/360 33/33.5 2.2 33


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