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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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1 inch GRACO diaphragm pump per

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Polypropylene Vertical Submersible Pump

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    PP Vertical Submersible Pump
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    Tianjin China
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China manufacturer of Polypropylene Submersible Chemical & Acid Pump, PP Vertical Chemical Pumps, Polypropylene Vertical Pump and PP Immersion Pump with effective & timely delivery.
Product Description:
PP Vertical Pump are Designed for the recycling, treatment, and filtration of corrosive liquids (including those with solids) having the tendency to foul, kept in constant level tanks.
The Saiken Pumps Vertical series are constructed at standard lengths, without intermediate bearings, without guide bushings or mechanical seals to eliminate any sliding parts. This mechanically and hydraulically advanced construction allows for the use of the PP vertical pumps where wear from abrasion (due to crystallization or calcareous deposits) combined to the chemical aggression of the liquid itself requires a more incisive solution than normal vertical pumps.

Polypropylene Vertical Submersible Pump
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