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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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HL type Asphalt Gear Pump for sale

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HL type Asphalt Gear Pump Product Introduction:
     HL heat insulation gear bitumen/asphalt pump applies to delivery the medium without causticity, not including solid particle and has solidifiability under the normal temperature. It especially used for the condition that the medium required to keep heat in outdoor installation at cold region. The temperature of medium could be reach to 350 C. The viscosity is 5-1500 cSt.
Manufacturer:China Saiken pumps
Viscosity:1.0-1500 cst
Pump speed:960/1420r/min
Material:Cast iron,cast steel,carbon steel,alloy steel.
Medium:Resins, molasses, glue, bitumen/asphalt...... 
Main Features:
    The material of pump body is carbon steel ZG40.And the gears,axels and bushing adopt alloy steel.It applies to deliver non-corrosive heavy oil and bitumen without solid particles at temperature within 350℃.
1.Pressure can be set according to customers requirement;
2.Adopt special alloy pump if it delivers the medium with more solid particles.

Performance Data:

HL type Gear asphalt pump
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