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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Cooking hot oil Pump for fryer

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Hot Oil Cooking Pump, Fat Fryer / Filter, with close coupled Motor HP 1/2. Close Coupled Gear Pumps, NSF paint Color White on outer surfaces. self-priming, positive displacement, Teflon roller pumps feature cast-iron and stainless steel 304 construction for high temperature use.
This series of pumps is designed for hot oil or frying oil filtration up to 375° F., meeting NSF-listing requirements.
Ideal for a wide range of commercial fat fryer hot oil cooking, filtering, or waste oil rendering applications.
This pump can also be used in non-NSF hot oil applications with non-particulate and non-abrasive fluids compatible with pump wet-end construction component materials.

• Pumps meet NSF-listed standards including NSF-accepted paint for hot oil cooking applications.
• Pumps can operate bi-directionally.
• Pressures to 40 PSI with configured motors.
• Flows to 8.2 GPM.
• Operating temperatures to 375° F.
• Suction lift capabilities up to 7.5 feet of head.
• Non-clogging Teflon roller design
• Not for use with water-based fluids.
• AC ODP single-phase motors have thermal overload protection.
• Ports can be rotated vertically or horizontally


Suction Lift
GPM Pumping cooking oil at 300° F
Free Flow 10PSI 20PSI 30PSI 40PSI
SKCQ-15 1/2” 1450 2.5m 8.2 8 7.8 7.6 7.4

Motor Specification:
Model Motor Voltage Amps Motor
Thermal Overload Protection Motor RPM Hz Motor Shaft
SKCQ-15 1/2HP 110V 10.8 1 YES 1450RPM 60 SS
220V 5.1 1 YES 1450RPM 50 SS

Pump Construction (wet end):
Model Inlet&Outlet Body Cover & Rotor Rollers Seals & O-rings
SKCQ-15 1/2" Cast Iron Teflon Viton
SKCQ-15S 1/2" Stainless Steel 304 Teflon Viton


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