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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer
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Three Screw Pumps for oil Circulations and Feeding

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SM Three Screw Pumps are applied to deliver lubricating oil, non abrasive fuel oil or other lubricating fluids. Main areas of application are all ranges of industry such as oil burning industries as circular pipeline, transfer, discharging and burning pumps. Hydraulic and machine building industry as lubricating and cooling pumps for gears, motors and turbines, ship hydraulic, machine tool building, power station building, marine and offshore industry as burning, lubricating, hydraulic and separator pumps. General industry to deliver, mix, meter, circulate, booster a.s.o. for lubricating non abrasive and chemical neutral fluids.
Performance Criteria:
Capacity: up to 2, 200 l/min
Pressure: To 100 bar
Temperature: -40°C to 200°C
The SM range is applied to deliver lubracating oil, non-abrasive fuel oil or other lubricating fluids. This range can be engineered to suit many applications with its vast array of options.  

SM three Screw Pump Advantage: 
1 Rotor hydraulic balance, small vibration, low noise.
2 Output stability, no pulsation.
3 High efficiency.
4 Screw pump has a strong self absorption ability.
5 Pump parts using a series of universal design, with a variety of installation.
6 Compact structure, small size, light weight, can work under high speed, high pressure.
7 Flange installation, easy to use.
8 Bearing external, suitable for a wide range of media.
9 A variety of sealing options to adapt to the choice of conditions, so that more reliable seal.
10 Screw precision grinding, excellent performance
Transport media type:
1 Lubricating liquid: such as mechanical oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil, residual oil
2 Low lubricity liquid: light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, wax oil
3 Viscous liquid: such as synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber emulsion
4 The heating or cooling structure can also be provided according to the conveying medium.
Order should provide data:
1 Medium operating temperature T
2 Operating temperature viscosity of the medium V
3 Pump inlet pressure (or vacuum)  P1
4 Pump outlet pressure P2
5 Pump working flow
6 Pump installation
7 Matching requirements
SM three Screw Pump selection:
1 First of all should be based on the viscosity of the oil pump to choose the appropriate speed to ensure that the pump can meet the actual conditions of the user NPSHr inhalation.
2 Medium viscosity V > 760mm2/s, please contact with our factory, I plant to help users select the pump.

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