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new products
  • Cooking hot oil Pump for fryer

    China Hot Oil Cooking Pump for Fat Fryer / Filter,close coupled Motor hp 1/2, 20lpm,High temp Teflon rollers,portable,cast-iron or stainless steel 304 Material for high temperature oil application....

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latest news

Brief introduction of KCB type

KCB type gear oil pump is suitable for conveying various oils, such as crude oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. Equipped with copper gears, it can transport low-flash point liquids, such as gasoline and benzene. The temperature of the med...

Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

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  • 5HP Self-priming centrifugal pumps made in GFRPP PVDF
    5HP Self-priming centrifugal pumps made in GFRPP/PVDF All wetted parts of the pump are made of corrosion-resistant FRPP CPVC and PVDF materials depending on the chemical liquid to be transported. Special self-priming design self-priming....
    Magnetic drive pump centrifugal pump series PP/PVDF are made of thermoplastic materials (Polypropylene and PVDF) and are suitable for high corrosive liquids,Materials in contact with the liquid: casing and impeller PP/PVDF,Max temperature: PP 70°C –...
  • FRPP PVDF Magnetic Pumps
    The FRPP PVDF Magnetic Pumps material is divided into PP (Polypropylene) GFRPP (Glass Fiber Filled Polypropylene) PVDF (Natural PVDF) CFRETFE (Carbon Filber Filled ETFE), China magnetic pump supplier & factory, Contact us for purchase...
  • PP PVDF MPDH-425 Magnetic pump
    PP/PVDF Magnetic drive pumps made of thermoplastic materials (Polypropylene and PVDF) and are suitable for high corrosive liquids,MAGNETIC DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS Materials in contact with the liquid: casing and impeller FRPP/PVDF ...
  • MPH Magnetic drive pump
    MPH magnetic drive pump is full-sealed pump, for motor connecting shaft and impeller are separately equipped with magnetic materials,Max. Capacity: 800L/min, Max. Head: 28M, Motor Output: 2.2kw, Phase: 3...
  • MP plastic magnetic circulation pump
    MP Magnetic drive circulation pump is a micro engineering plastic full-sealed pump. Adopting advanced magnetic coupling technology MP has no leakage and even no shaft seal. This solves the problem of leakage of normal pump....
  • Plastic Self-Priming Magnetic Pump
    High quality ZSK Plastic Self-priming Magnetic pump,Fluorine plastic magnetic pump in china,Self-Priming Magnetic Drive Pump,Hydrochloric acid magnetic pump,SAIKEN Brand is one of the professional Chemical Magnetic Drive Pumps from China....

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