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PP Vertical Pump,plastic Vertical Chemical Pump


SAIKENK PUMPS offers many kinds of vertical pump series to satisfication customer's demands or selections. We manufacture the vertical pumps from the four materials: FRPP, CFRPP, CPVC, and PVDF to getting high temperature resistance and resistant corrosion.
SAIKEN PUMPS produces the vertical pumps with standardized models and the weight of vertical pump compares with others in the market is lighter. Moreover, it is assembled easily and safely.
If you have more interests in our product details and then you can browse our vertical pumps or further contact us via our inquiry form.
The characteristics of pumps are durable high temperature and assistant corrosion. 
1. Pumps are manufactured from the four materials(FRPP, CFRPP, CPVC, PVDF) to ensure resistance to 
    high heat and corrosion.
2. Dry Vapor seal (2~5HP):ensure to prevent pumps and bearings form being etched by chemical gas 
    and prolong the using life of pump.
3. Pumps apply to be installed inside of tank due to the in-outlet screwed design without screws.
4. For etching spraying equipments, cooling circulating and be used with filter.
5. Pumps are no damaged in drying running.
6. Compared to traditional FC motor front cover, motor spacer which is innovatively made of FRPP can
    dramatically weaken acid corrosion and reduce the weight of machine.

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