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Briefly introduce the asphalt pump


Briefly introduce the asphalt pump:
    Scope of application of asphalt insulation pump: suitable for transporting non-corrosive, non-solid particles, and solidifying media at room temperature. It is especially suitable for the occasions where the medium needs to be kept warm during outdoor installation and process in alpine areas. The medium temperature can reach 250℃ and the viscosity is 5-1500cst.
  Asphalt heat preservation pump structure characteristics: The pump body is equipped with a hollow sandwich, and is equipped with inlet and outlet flanges, which can be used for heat transfer oil, steam, hot water and other media to heat and cool the conveyed liquid and pump.
The main flow parts of the asphalt pump are equipped with a hollow sandwich, and are equipped with steam, heat/hot water, heat transfer oil, etc. to heat the conveying liquid and the pump, heat preservation and other functions. When the conveying viscosity is large, the speed should be reduced. Drives such as motor, speed-regulating motor or belt pulley to reduce the speed of the pump.
Scope of application and main use: The material of the asphalt insulation pump is divided into two types according to the working temperature, the type I material HT200 is suitable for conveying below 200 °C, and the type II material Q235 is suitable for conveying non-corrosive below 350 °C, without Solid particles of heavy oil/asphalt, etc., are solidified at room temperature, and where insulation is required during outdoor installation and process in high-cold areas.
asphalt pump

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