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KCB gear pump upkeep


KCB gear pump upkeep
1. When the KCB gear pump is tightening the end face bolts, the force should be symmetrical and uniform; If you encounter a click, loosen the bolt and tighten it.
2. KCB gear pump drive shaft can not bear any radial vertical force, and lateral drive modes such as belt, chain and gear are prohibited.
3. The connection between the drive shaft of the base plate and the motor shaft is made of a flexible coupling or a chain coupling.

MODEL: KCB-18.3,KCB-33.3,KCB-55,KCB-83.3,KCB-135,KCB-200,KCB-300,KCB-483.3,KCB-633, KCB-960,KCB-1200,KCB-1600,KCB-2500,KCB-3800,KCB-5400,KCB-7600,KCB-9600.
Caliber:3/4 "-14 "
Capacity: 18.3-9600 lpm
Flow rate: 1.1 m³/h-570 m³/h
Rotational speed: 740 r/min-1440 r/min
Discharge pressure: 0.28 Mpa-1.45 Mpa
Suction head: 3-4 m
Motor power: 1.5KW-250KW.

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4. KCB gear pump bottom plate should be hard, do not take a long time, the bottom plate of the pump is soft, causing the motor and pump to be misaligned, and the pump is damaged.
5. Find out the maximum allowable speed of the KCB gear pump and the maximum speed of the field work.
6. When the KCB gear pump is working, be sure to let the fluid enter the inlet, and try not to dry and idling.

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