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Kcb gear pump maintenance


KCB gear pump maintenance
The input long shaft of the KCB gear pump is connected to the drive motor by a flexible coupling. When assembling, the two axes are to find the concentricity.
MODEL: KCB-18.3,KCB-33.3,KCB-55,KCB-83.3,KCB-135,KCB-200,KCB-300,KCB-483.3,KCB-633, KCB-960,KCB-1200,KCB-1600,KCB-2500,KCB-3800,KCB-5400,KCB-7600,KCB-9600.
Caliber:3/4 "-14 "
Capacity: 18.3-9600 lpm
Flow rate: 1.1 m³/h-570 m³/h
Rotational speed: 740 r/min-1440 r/min
Discharge pressure: 0.28 Mpa-1.45 Mpa
Suction head: 3-4 m
Motor power: 1.5KW-250KW.
1. Before the assembly of KCB gear pump, all parts should be cleaned. The assembled gear pump should be flexible and free from jamming.
2. The oil pipeline should be cleaned before installation work.

Kcb gear pump

3. KCB gear pump in operation, if the pump temperature is too high, stop the machine to check and eliminate the fault.
4. After the KCB gear pump oil delivery system is put into operation for the first time, it is necessary to remove the lubricating oil, clean it, and replace it with a new one.
5. When disassembling or installing the KCB gear pump, do not directly hit the parts with your hand to avoid damage to the surface of the parts and affect the assembly quality.
6 The spare KCB gear pump should be oiled and sealed out of the oil inlet.

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