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  • UHMWPE Plastic Chemical Pump

    China saiken brand Plastic Chemical Pump is used for acid alkali chemical liquids.PP,PE,UHMWPE,PVDF,FEP,PFA materials are avaialble for options, capacity up to 1200 m³/h,Total differential head: up to 100 m...

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Installation details of gear as

Installation details of gear asphalt pump 1. Pay attention to the rotation of the motor and avoid reverse rotation 2. A section of easily disassembled pipeline with a length slightly longer than the stator should be installed before the liq...

KCB gear pump specification maintenance steps


The KCB gear pump is equipped with a pair of slewing gears in the pump body, one active and one passive. The two working parts in the pump are divided into two separate parts by the mutual engagement of the two gears. A is the suction chamber and B is the discharge chamber. When the gear oil pump is in operation, the driving gear drives the driven gear to rotate. When the gear is engaged to disengage, a partial vacuum is formed on the suction side (A), and the liquid is sucked. The inhaled liquid fills the respective valleys of the gear and is brought to the discharge side (B). When the gear enters the mesh, the liquid is squeezed out to form a high-pressure liquid and exit the pump through the pump discharge port. KCB gear pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, marine, electric power, grain and oil, food, building materials, metallurgy and national defense research. The gear oil pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oils without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 150 ° C, viscosity 5 to 1500 cst or other liquids similar in lubricating oil. Try various types of occasions where outdoor installation and process in the coagulation and alpine regions require heat preservation at room temperature.

KCB gear pump KCB-18.3 KCB-33.3 KCB-55
KCB gear pumps generally transport more acid-base media, and such media tend to have very low viscosity. Due to the large coefficient of thermal expansion of 304 stainless steel, the general manufacturer is likely to cause the pump to lock and hold the shaft when it is assembled with the pump. Therefore, when the stainless steel KCB gear pump is assembled, the clearance will be too large. some. Due to the low viscosity of the conveying medium, the large internal clearance of the pump will cause the stainless steel gear pump to not suck or flow and the head is insufficient. For the inspection of the KCB gear pump, refer to the following standard steps:
1. The pump can be decomposed in order. After disassembly, the parts should be cleaned and checked one by one to see if they are cracked, damaged or worn. If there are serious defects, they should be replaced.
2. Check the pump body and pulley for wear and damage, and replace if necessary.
3, oil seal and seat repair: oil seals such as wear and groove, can be smoothed with abrasive cloth, if the wear is too serious should be replaced; oil seal seat if there are rough scratches, can be repaired. Replace the new oil seal assembly during overhaul.
4. KCB gear pump can be repaired when it has the following damages: the length is less than 30mm, and it does not extend to the crack of the bearing housing hole; KCB gear pump is equipped with control valve, which can automatically protect the motor when the pump is overloaded. However, it cannot be used as a normally open relief valve to regulate the working pressure of the pump.

KCB-135 KCB-200 KCB-300 KCB-483.3 KCB-633 gear pump
5. Check if the bearing is flexible or has abnormal noise. If there is any problem with the bearing, it should be replaced.
6. After installing the KCB gear pump, turn it by hand, the pump shaft should be free of jams, and the impeller and pump casing should be free from rubbing. Then check the pump's oil discharge. If there is a problem, the coolant can't work, its performance will not be effectively played, and then it will affect the work of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the KCB gear pump.
At present, the KCB gear pump products we often see on the market are often made of stainless steel. In fact, the KCB gear pump is not only stainless steel in terms of material. We always see the stainless steel KCB gear pump. It is rare to see other materials. This is mainly related to the user's habits. If we think about the underlying reasons, it is not difficult to find that the stainless steel KCB gear pump has obvious advantages in practical applications.

KCB-960 KCB-1200 KCB-1600 KCB-2500 gear pump
The main difference between the cast iron KCB gear pump and the stainless steel KCB gear pump is the raw material. In contrast, the stainless steel gear pump market has advantages over the cast iron pump, but it is also not conducive to the stainless steel KCB gear pump. KCB stainless steel gear oil pump is made of 304 or 316 material into pump body, main shaft, gear and bushing. When the medium to be transported has corresponding corrosiveness, the material of the casting body can not meet the requirements. It is necessary to choose stainless steel gear pump. Or if the liquid is food grade, it also needs to use food grade stainless steel gear pump, and the temperature requirement does not exceed 250 degrees. If it exceeds 250 degrees, the customer will communicate with our sales, we will improve when we arrange production. Process to meet high temperature requirements and extend service life. KCB gear pump body adopts forging process, all parts of pump body are nitrided to enhance wear resistance. Under normal circumstances, stainless steel KCB gear oil pump adopts packing seal form. When the working environment requires no leakage, then we A stainless steel corrosion-resistant mechanical seal process is used. KCB gear pumps use involute spur gears. When the medium to be conveyed is thicker, the involute helical gears are used. Another feature of the KCB gear pump is that the gear and the shaft are made in one piece, so that the rigidity and durability of the KCB gear pump will be greatly extended.

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