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How to use gear pump reasonably


Saiken Pump Industry will explain to you how to use gear pumps reasonably
The use of gear pumps is taboo. From the perspective of gear pump maintenance and maintenance, it is strictly forbidden to add diesel oil for dilution during use. Don't bake the rear axle and transmission because it affects the start in winter to avoid deterioration of gear oil. If this happens, you should change to a low-viscosity multi-grade gear oil.
Never substitute ordinary gear oil for hypoid gear oil.
Don't misunderstand the lubrication performance of high-viscosity gear oils. The use of high-viscosity gear oils will significantly increase the consumption of raw materials and is not conducive to gear repair and maintenance.
Reasonable use of gear oil pump is conducive to gear repair and maintenance, and gear oil has a long service life.
The amount of fuel should be appropriate and not too much or too little. Too much will not only increase oil stirring resistance and fuel consumption; too little will cause poor lubrication.

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