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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer

Bornemann Twin Screw Pump

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    Botou Saiken Pumps Co.Ltd
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Temperature:-20-300 degrees.
we emerged as most prominent and leading Bornemann Twin Screw Pump manufacturer and exporter in china.

Model Pressure 1450r/min 950r/min 720r/min
30cst 75cst 150cst 300cst 450cst 750cst 1500cst 2500cst
m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw m³/h kw
6.9-56 1.6 102 90 110 90 113 90 114 110 69.8 75 70.2 75 52.5 75 52.6 90
2.0 98 110 108 110 112 110 114 132 69 90 69.6 90 51.9 90 52 110
2.5 93 132 106 132 110 132 113 160 68 110 69.9 110 51.4 90 51.5 110

Bornemann Twin Screw Pump
Bornemann Twin Screw Pump

1, The delivery of liquid smooth, no pulsation, no mixing, small vibration, low noise.
2, Self-priming performance is very strong, multiphase, gas rate is not higher than 80%, the sediment concentration is less than 500g/m3.
3 ,External bearing structure, using independent lubrication, can transport a variety of non lubricating media.
4, The use of synchronous gear drive, two rotors do not touch, even if a short time idling is no harm.
5, Pump body with heating cover, can transport all kinds of clean or contain small particles of solid viscosity or high viscosity medium (general particle diameter is less than 0.12-0.2mm)
6, The correct selection of materials, and even the transmission of many corrosive media.
7 ,Double suction structure with no axial force on the rotor.
8, The shaft end adopts mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, with long life, less leakage, a wide range of characteristics.
1. Oil: used as oil and gas, water, trace fine solid particles of multiphase pump and oil pump.
2. Shipbuilding: used as a ship loading pump, bilge sweeping and sewage treatment, main engine lubricating pump, fuel oil pump.
3 . Petrochemical industry: as a variety of resins, pigments, paraffin wax, paint, ink, latex, all kinds of oil, crude oil, heavy oil, such as loading and transportation pumps.
4 . Thermal power plant: used as heavy oil and crude oil delivery pump, main engine lubricating oil pump.
5.Food industry: used as alcohol, honey, syrup, fruit juice, animal and vegetable oil, milk, slurry oil delivery pump.
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