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Material selection of diaphragm of aodd pump


Material selection of diaphragm of aodd pump:
   The advancement of science and technology has promoted economic development, and the production design of industry has also made great progress. There are many types of Air operated double diaphragm pump. The choice must be adjusted to local conditions. In the process of practice, continuous summary and innovation, combined with computer technology, promote the automatic development of equipment. The diaphragm is an important part of the diaphragm pump. The choice is very important. According to the choice of media used, some have to be customized. For example, some diaphragms are not resistant to organic solvents. If you go to apply organic solvents, of course it will be broken. The temperature resistance of the diaphragm is conditional on the medium, especially the temperature. Diaphragm pumps often run at high speeds. Frequent empty or half-empty operations will affect the service life of the diaphragm, and the transport of particles will also affect the quality of the diaphragm. Choose the appropriate diaphragm material according to different conveying media. The diaphragm has a certain life span, usually about 8 million to 20 million times. It is also a vulnerable part and requires frequent inspection and maintenance. If worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Air operated double diaphragm pump

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