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High Temperature Resistant Centrifugal Pump Installer

304 316L Horizontal centrifugal pumps

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304 316L stainless steel Horizontal centrifugal pumps
Material:SUS304 SUS316L stainless steel
In-outlet: 40-1.5" 50-2" 65-2.5" 80-3" 100-4"
Power: 0-0.5HP 1-1HP 2-2HP 3-3HP 5-5HP 7.5-7.5HP
Mechanical seal:CERAMIC ,SIC
Frequency: 5:50Hz ,6:60Hz
Pump and motor coaxial, concentricity reliable, high energy utilization
The use of closed impeller, dynamic balance is good, stable performance
It adopts mechanical seal to ensure no damage to axle center, long service life
Stainless steel material, suitable for most corrosive media and environment

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