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  • Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Pum

    We Saiken Pumps Manufacturer dealer of Stainless steel gear pump in china offers high quality Stainless steel Gear Pump for high flow pressure applications...

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Hot oil pump material and seal

Hot oil pump material and seal In terms of pump material and structure, if it is a non-corrosive liquid, carbon steel is used for pressure-resistant parts below 370C, and 5% or 13% chromium steel is used above 370C; for parts with low stren...

Uses and applications of KCB series gear pumps


It is suitable for transporting lubricating oil without solid particles and fibers, the temperature is not higher than 300℃, and the viscosity is 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s (5-1500cSt) or other liquids similar to lubricating oil.
Reduce the speed of the pump, and the viscosity of the conveying medium can reach 50000mm2/s.
Application areas of KCB series gear pumps:
It can be used as a transmission and booster pump in the oil delivery system.
It can be used as a fuel pump for delivery, pressurization and injection in the fuel system.
In all industrial fields, it can be used as a lubricating oil pump.
According to the requirements of different working conditions, KCB gear pumps can be made into stainless steel gear pumps, copper gear pumps, and magnetic drive gear pumps.

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