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Stainless Steel Gear Pump products knowledge


First, Stainless Steel Gear Pumps are generally divided into several major categories
        According to the different meshing modes of the SS gear pump gears, they can be divided into two categories, namely the external gear pump and the internal gear pump. External gear pump includes KCB series stainless steel gear pump, YCB series stainless steel arc pump, 2CY series stainless steel gear pump, LB type freezer pump, YCB-G type jacketed pump. The internal gear pump is a NYP type inner ring stainless steel high viscosity pump.
Second, the meaning of the various types of letters.
        KCB type stainless steel gear pump is also called involute gear pump. K means the gear is involute, C is the gear, and B is the pump. YCB series stainless steel arc pump is also called arc gear pump. Y represents that the gear is a circular arc type. The 2CY series gear pump evolved from an involute gear pump and features no valve and high pressure. In the LB type refrigerating machine pump, L represents a gear pump for a refrigerating machine. In the YCB-G jacketed pump, G stands for the heat preservation gear pump. In the NYP type inner ring type high viscosity pump, N represents an internal tooth pump.
Third, what kind of medium is suitable for SS gear pump
        Regardless of the type of gear pump that the media it transports has in common, it is not suitable to transport media with particles. And the medium itself is required to have lubricity, generally oil. The NYP high viscosity stainless steel gear pump is more suitable for the transport of high viscosity materials.
Fourth, the difference between the arc gear pump and the involute gear pump
        Both pumps have the same delivery range. However, the price of the involute gear pump is relatively high, and the price of the arc gear pump is relatively high. Compared with the arc gear pump, the gear wear is small, the vibration and noise are low, the service life is long, and the pulsation is small.

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