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Kcb-300 gear pump exported to Germany


KCB-300 gear pump use instructions
1. This series of KCB-300 gear oil pump is suitable for conveying various oils, such as heavy oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, and copper gears. It can transport internal low liquid, such as gasoline and benzene. The unit also produces stainless steel gear pump. Conveying beverages and corrosive liquids.
2, KCB300 pump is not suitable for containing hard particles or fibers, the applicable viscosity is 5*10-5~1.5*103m2/s, the temperature is not higher than 70 °C; if you need to transport high temperature liquid, please use high temperature gear pump .
The pump is equipped with a pair of slewing gears in the pump body, one active and one passive. The two working parts in the pump are divided into two separate parts, the suction chamber and the discharge chamber by the mutual engagement of the two gears; The gear drives the driven gear to rotate. When the toothing is engaged from the meshing to the disengagement, a partial vacuum is formed on the suction side, and the liquid is taken in. The sucked liquid is filled with the respective valleys of the gear to be brought to the discharge side, and the liquid is meshed when the gear enters the meshing state. Extrusion, forming a high pressure liquid and discharging it out of the pump through the discharge port of the pump.

kcb gear pump

kcb gear oil pump

kcb300 gear pump

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