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  • UHMWPE Plastic Chemical Pump

    China saiken brand Plastic Chemical Pump is used for acid alkali chemical liquids.PP,PE,UHMWPE,PVDF,FEP,PFA materials are avaialble for options, capacity up to 1200 m³/h,Total differential head: up to 100 m...

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Method of installing gear oil p

Saiken Pump Industry will introduce you the method of installing gear oil pump : The installation of the gear pump must be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the product manual. The details and methods that should be paid at...

Installation details of gear asphalt pump


Installation details of gear asphalt pump
   1. Pay attention to the rotation of the motor and avoid reverse rotation
  2. A section of easily disassembled pipeline with a length slightly longer than the stator should be installed before the liquid outlet of the gear asphalt pump to facilitate the replacement of the stator.
  3. The inlet of the gear asphalt pump is in a straight direction and the outlet is in a horizontal direction. This can make the seal work under negative pressure and reduce the pressure in the seal chamber. Rotation: Rotate counterclockwise from the outlet direction. The inlet and outlet flanges (pipes) of other pumps should not accept the pipe weight, so the pipes should be provided with support points.
  4. The pipeline must be cleaned before the equipment to avoid foreign matter from damaging the stator and rotor and forming blockage.
  5. The diameter of the pipeline should match the diameter of the pump as much as possible. Too small an inlet pipe diameter will result in a lack of supply of the pump, which will affect the discharge and output pressure of the pump. In severe cases, it will cause a sensation in the pipeline and lead to early damage to the stator; while an outlet pipe diameter that is too small will cause unnecessary loss of outlet pressure.
   6. Regarding the selection of mechanical seal shaft seals, attention should be paid to the introduction of clean water, lubricating oil or other coolants.
   Regarding the single-ended seal shaft seal, if the medium being transported is viscous, easy to solidify and crystallize, the mechanical seal should be cleaned after stopping the pump to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical seal is necessary. There is an imperial pipe thread interface on both sides of the sealed box, and an outlet saving connector is also equipped with it. The inlet pipeline of the circulating fluid is directly connected to the sealed box; and the outlet saving connector is connected to the outlet side (it is about adapting to the seal It is very important to maintain a certain pressure in the sex box), and then connect with the outlet pipeline. During operation, the circulating fluid should be started first, and then the pump; the gear asphalt pump should be stopped first, and then the circulating fluid should be closed.

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