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  • KCB-18.3 33.3 55 83.3 Gear Pump

    KCB-18.3 33.3 55 83.3 200 300 483.3 Gear Pump Manufacturer in china,Ex-factory price for the best quality,used to transfer heavy oil,fuel,engine oil and similar liquids without solids...

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latest news

Brief introduction of KCB type

KCB type gear oil pump is suitable for conveying various oils, such as crude oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. Equipped with copper gears, it can transport low-flash point liquids, such as gasoline and benzene. The temperature of the med...

Gear Oil Pump Manufacturer - China Saiken Pumps


Customer: Cangzhou Beijing Auxiliaries Co. Ltd.
Use of products: Gear Oil Pump
Customer use equipment: NYP160 internal gear pump,KCB1600 gear oil pump.
Quantity: more than 10 sets
Time of cooperation: 3 years
Customer: cooperation has only a damage to the motor, since February 2017 to carry out customer visits, Wu good feedback, but also hope to continue to cooperate with the SAIKEN PUMPS.

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