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Self-Priming Sewage Pump - china saiken pumps


Customer: Qiangfeng Xinte Technology Co., Ltd
Use products: W Series self-priming sewage pump
Product specifications:Flow:1000m³/h    Head:15m    Power:160kw
Customers use equipment:W-12 Quantity:5 units
Customer usage:
  In July 2014, the sales Section received a telephone call from Xu Manager of Qiangfeng Xinte, Wuhan. After detailed communication, we learned about the specific working conditions of the other side, and through communication and analysis with all quality Office engineers, Finally, the W Series self-priming sewage pump series is selected, according to its flow rate, head, power and other parameters as well as the description of the field conditions, the final model is determined as W-12.  
Soon, after confirming that our offer was correct, Manager Xu was able to sign the contract smoothly. According to the return visit, manager Xu introduced that 5 sets of equipment have been applied to the working conditions, and the operation has been stable. In May of this year, in routine equipment inspection, Qiangfeng equipment Section of the SAIKEN PUMPS has a positive attitude. At present, our company has been included in its qualified supplier list.


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