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Reassembly method of SUS gear pump transmission device


Reassembly method of SUS gear pump transmission device:
When the SS gear pump transmission device is disassembled and reassembled, first make the teeth of the movable claw coupling and the fixed claw coupling in the full-tooth engagement position, and then loosen but not tighten the two fixing bolts on the positioning plate If it is dropped, insert the positioning pin on the engagement lever assembly into the hole on the rear side of the positioning plate (on the side of the gear oil pump).
If the long slot hole on the positioning plate has turned to the limit and the positioning pin still cannot be inserted into the hole, you need to reassemble the engagement lever assembly, change its spline fitting position, and tighten the two positioning plate fixing bolts after adjustment. Engage the lever assembly fixing bolt. Finally, the joint lever assembly should be repeatedly pulled several times. The movable claw-shaped coupling should slide freely. From the inspection hole, the two coupling teeth in the joint position should be fully engaged, and the separated position should be fully disengaged.

SUS gear pump

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